Mini Backpack

Young children are constantly trying to be independent and we know how persistent they can be. They will not give up on the task at hand until they accomplish their desired goal. Children have big goals and believe they can do anything! We've all patiently, and not so patiently, waited for them to try to open a door, put on their socks, or pour their own water. Their desire to complete their vision is admirable and it's important to foster their independence and teach them they CAN do it all.

When we designed our mini backpack, we wanted to cater to that CAN-DO attitude and their need for independence. We paid close attention to details so that your little one could have the best backpack that would meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

We wanted to encourage independence but provide design aspects that would allow them to use the backpack with their still developing fine motor skills. One of these design features is the oilcloth loop attached to the zipper which allows an easy grip and enables them to open and close the bag effortlessly. In the toddler world of Me, Myself and Mine, children love to see their names and have ownership of their things. Our clear mini backpack can be personalized with a variety of fonts and colors and can be customized with graphics that represent their little personalities. BLOP mini backpacks are made from oil cloth and PVC, which are two durable and practical materials. The thick oilcloth straps on the mini backpack allow for extreme comfort as your toddler totes around their belongings. The PVC, clear malleable material, allows the children to see exactly what is in their bag also making it easier for them to access what they need or want. Many moms have wasted valuable morning time looking for items that are already packed in their bag. Toddlers easily get angry or upset if they can't find what they want when they want it. Our BLOP mini backpack can help you avoid both. Made of high-quality PVC and oilcloth, our mini backpacks are water repellant, stain and odor resistant, and easy to wipe clean.  No need to cringe at water or food spills any longer. Our clear mini backpacks can handle any mess!  

Life with a toddler is already complication. Allow our BLOP bags to enable them to practice their independence in minimize your work!

Life, easiest !

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